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Home / Resources / News / Visualising Transnationalism- First Workshop Report

Visualising Transnationalism- First Workshop Report

Visualizing Transnationalism – First Workshop Report
The 1st workshop of the project Visulizing Transnationalism took place in Berlin on January 22nd, hosted by the association Altes Finanzamt.
The participants to the meeting have been:
Luchezar Boyadjiev – artist (Sofia)
Anna de Manincor / Zimmerfrei – artist (Bologna) ///
Jacopo Gallico– Stalker/ Osservatorio Nomade (Berlin) ///
Emanuele Guidi – curator and artistic coordinator EA (Berlin) – Architects and media activists (Spain) /
Bouchra Kahlili – artist (Paris)
Lorenzo Sandoval – Artist and Curator (Spain/Berlin) ///
Maria Ptqk – curator (Spain/Berlin) ///;
Nicolas Maleve– artist (Brussels) ///;
The workshop was conceived as first preparatory meeting to present and discuss the practices of each individual participant so as to research common references and potential shared spaces of action.
The context of the upcoming Transeuropa Festival – happening in twelve cities simultaneously – was used as starting point to face and tackle the notion of Transnationalism in contemporary Europe and beyond it.
The term ‘transnational’ became a filter to look at one’s own practice, one’s own (private or public) life, as well as to one’s own interests and urgencies; a methodology that opened a wide field of references and suggestions, articulated through a set of keywords and questions.
This collection of suggestions produced a first ‘diagram’ that will remain at the centre of a common dialogue in the upcoming weeks and that through a constant process of mapping by each individual participants will inform the conversation among them. 
The process-oriented methodology will enter now a second phase and the discursive practice will be combined with an exchange of visual material and information; an exercise that will allow to tackle the issue of Transnationalism and will be aimed at imagining proposals and messages to be shared during the festival.

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