Our videos include promotional, divulgative and journalistic productions by European Alternatives and materials that are part of Talk Real, our audiovisual platform for the diffusion of innovative ideas and for the promotion of grassroots organizations and the individuals behind them. 

Select Videos

Climate (Political Youth 2020)

Riders (Political Youth 2020)

Migration (Political Youth 2020)

Elections (Political Youth 2020)

Sports (Political Youth 2020)

Talk Real in Madrid | New Spanish politics: beyond the ballot box

Lorenzo Marsili with Yanis Varoufakis, Marisa Matias, S. Sierakowski, V. Orazzini

Transnational Dialogues Trailer

A conversation with Vinicius Braz Rocha – Netweaver

Interview with Zhou Zishu 周子书

Interview with Jota Mombaça

Interview with Julijana Nicha