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Our videos include promotional, divulgative and journalistic productions by European Alternatives and materials that are part of Talk Real, our audiovisual platform for the diffusion of innovative ideas and for the promotion of grassroots organizations and the individuals behind them. 

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Annual General Meeting of European Alternatives!

Social Movements in the Balkans: From Protests to Plenums

Luca Casarini in the launching event of DiEM25


Sandro Mezzadra about DiEM25

La sinistra e l’Europa

Democracy in Europe: DiEM25 in Rome with Yanis Varoufakis

DiEM25 a Roma con Yanis Varoufakis

Talk Real London « Exit Europe?

¿PlanB para Europa? Miguel Urbán y Lorenzo Marsili

Caroline Lucas: Another Europe beyond Brexit

Julien Bayou (Europe Ecologie – Les Verts)