Our videos include promotional, divulgative and journalistic productions by European Alternatives and materials that are part of Talk Real, our audiovisual platform for the diffusion of innovative ideas and for the promotion of grassroots organizations and the individuals behind them. 

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Palermo Climate Declaration: Avoiding Climate Catastrophe

Between Land and Sea (Palermo 2021)

Emerald City by Stefania Artusi – Between Land and Sea

A Space to Hold – Between Land and Sea

Artsformation – Between Land and Sea International Workshop 1

Week 4 – Interview with Emilia Roig (Center for Intersectional Justice)

Week 4 – A Human Rights Approach to Action

Week 4 – Preparing for taking Action against Hate Speech

Week 3 – What hate speech is, is controversial

Week 2 – The Human Rights Protection System

Week 2 – The history and evolution of Human Rights

Week 2 – What are Human Rights?