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Translate for us!

We would not be able to publish content in English, Italian, French (and other languages) both online and in print without the hard work of our transnational volunteers. If you think you can help us translate and spread the message beyond language barriers, or if you would like to do a translation internship with us, this is your section!

What we offer

We offer translation internships and voluntary positions, all at a distance. We mainly offer voluntary placements while internships are offered only to those required to complete a certain number of hours as part of their degree. Whether you collaborate with us in an intern or voluntary capacity, we can provide you with a certificate at the end of the period of collaboration as well as feedback on the work completed. Translating for us gives you the chance to build up your portfolio of published translations and to gain visibility as a translator on our multilingual website with outreach throughout all of Europe and beyond.

Each translation will be attributed to its translator on EA’s website and each translator will have their photo and biography published in the collaborators section. Each translator will have a tutor from European Alternatives, who will provide them with feedback, including corrections, on each translation.

Internships usually last for three months (with a minimum of 100 hours of translation to complete) but we can be flexible on these details if necessary.

To become involved in our translation work as a volunteer or an intern, write to: o.vukovic[at] for English + Italian & e.dalibot[at] for French + Romanian. To apply please send us your cv and a sample translation, clearly stating which language pairs you work with.