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The report on our Citizen’s Assembly on the ‘imperative of hospitality’, which took place in Valongo last year, is now available. The assembly was held in partnership with Forum Demos.

The citizen’s assembly was themed ‘how to guarantee the imperative of hospitality in equality?’ and brought together Afro-descendent, migrant and Roma groups from throughout Portugal. We explored how these groups can be empowered to fully and equally participate and shape the future of society.

There were 7 fundamental recommendations:

1. Reform of education: Include racialised people in the construction of educational policies, in design of textbooks and popularise a non-Eurocentric, anti-colonial and anti-racist education in schools
2. Ensure the representativeness of public-decision making bodies through quotas to level out inequalities
3. Generalise the fight against inequality by restructuring census information which often hides structural inequality rather than revealing it at local, national and European levels
4. Reform integration projects by giving autonomy to people from communities through Portuguese language classes and strengthening relations between these communities and instance of power
5. Combat social segregation in Portuguese cities by breaking cycles of poverty and exclusion whilst remaking the urban fabric
6. Openly address police violence against racialised communities

7. De-racialise public health, recognising the position of vulnerability particularly of black and gypsy women

Click the link below to read the full report:

Report: How to ensure the imperative of hospitality in equality? (Jan 2023)

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