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Home / Resources / News / Towards a Citizens Pact: Civil rights in Europe – proposals for the Citizens Manifesto

Towards a Citizens Pact: Civil rights in Europe – proposals for the Citizens Manifesto

Photo: Elena Dalibot
Throughout 2013 European Alternatives, its local groups and other partners have been developing the “Citizens Pact for European Democracy” in view of the 2014 European Parliament elections.The Citizens Pact should be understood as a pact between the citizens of Europe – including all people who reside and participate in Europe – and a pact between them and the EU institutions, in which concrete proposals are developed, calling for radical change in European politics.The Citizens Pact is a bottom-up participative process focusing on topics citizens feel strongly about, and more specifically, on matters related to social justice, employment, civil rights (especially for particularly discriminated groups such as migrants, Roma, and LGBT groups), as well as issues related to the institutional structure of the EU.Following series of local consultations across the continent, two days of discussions were organized in Barcelona in June, gathering participants coming from all over Europe. Through different methodologies and tools, the participants were encouraged to reflect on the following issues:
  • Pluralism in the media in Europe
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* rights in Europe
  • Methodologies to deal with social rights: social theatre as a tool for change
  • Migrant people and Roma communities in Europe.
You can download the principal proposals and initiatives from the debates carried out during the two days that have been agreed upon by the different work tables and which the moderators of each workshop have gathered from the participants, and vote for proposals on the Citizens Pact website