The Venice Process

Saturday 23 November

16.00: Film presentation “Towards a Militant Conceptualism” by Seemab Gul
16.30: Workshop “Hug the system!” curated by Worm and Roodkapje
19.00 – 24.00: It’s Sauna Time! Aperitivo + Party

The Venice Process  aims at offering an alternative education and accreditation system offered by a network of international art institutions. Events – including performances, seminars and workshops – have spanned the Venice Biennale, culminating in the presentation of a free course in art and ecology and a series of events around the theme of ecology and alternative education from November 20-24,  2013

Simultaneously, a boat which has been recycled and modified to run on LPG and incorporate a sauna by artists Harold de Bree, Laut Rosenbaum and Nick Tulinen will be available to use for the public where it will run regularly from locations across Venice, providing an opportunity for reflection on the theme of climate change.

The Venice Process will appear at Five Years gallery, London, from 28th November to 1st December 2013 for four days of seminars and performances.

Presentation of film directed by Seemab Gul (to be screened from 20th November to 24th November).
4.30pm Worm, Roodkapje and No Grande Navi. ‘Hug the System’ Workshops on ecology.
7pm aperitivo and Sauna Time! DJ sets from Worm until late. With interventions from Paolo Camia

Synopsis of Events
SOS Sauna Boat — Harold de Bree, Laut Rausenbaum, Nick Tulinen. As described above.

Body of Water — Jaakko Mattila and Antii Tenetz. Body of Water is ongoing research project in collaboration with Joan of Art that aims aim to visualise remote visual and data feeds in an exhibition context, enabling the audience to interact directly with the piece by triggering remote sensors that will change the information fed to a centralised screen.

Artist taxi Driver Mark McGowan the artist taxi driver will continue his youtube sketches from a Venice Taxi, discussing themes of ecology, free education and the Venice Biennale.

Stop, Motion.  — Paolo Camia. Paolo Camia, practitioner and teacher of the Feldenkrais Method will present a performance around the themes of movement, the body and education, responding to the daily movement of revellers in the J Bar, Gervasuti Foundation’s  bar area.

Towards a Militant Conceptualism is a film by Seemab Gul, co-written by Mike Watson, dealing with the political capacity of art in the contemporary world. The film explores personal experiences of protest, dealing with agents of the State and questioning the origins of law. This project is an open argument on protest and its relationship to art ending with the proposition of art as a form of protest.

Worm and Roodkapje at SaLE Docks Hug the System! WORM and Roodkapje (Little Red Riding Hood) from Rotterdam will present a varied program, that consists of lectures, performances, workshops and entertainment. The program will be part of the Ridiculum of the WORM Parallel University and it’s De-Activism manifesto ( In this series of events we will encourage an teach people to develop strategies on how to dismantle systems by promoting systemical detours, acts of parasitism, avoiding responsibilty, andfunctional lieing. Al in favor of gaining our professional lifes back from the bureacrats, auditocrats en other dictatorial accreditation obligations. The WORM Parallel University strongly believes the interaction between people is the only guarantee fro educational succes. Together with our sisters from Roodkapje we will use every means nescessairy to get to our goal. This will include an intensive on site research in Venice and professional hugging capacities.

With: Hajo Doorn (principal WPU), Eric de Hartigh (Mister Roodkapje), Aline Yntema (curator/artist), Amy Wu (media activist), Tim Braakman (designer), Joost Bult (performer/professional) en Nikki Rosa Ootjers (performance artist)

About Joan of Art: At Joan of Art we believe that teaching and learning are ongoing processes we should be freely available to all. Through performances, spectacles and parties we aim to promote ongoing enquiry. Joan of Art’s founding curator Mike Watson has been in residence with Gervasuti Foundation for the duration of the Biennale.