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As part of our Making a Living project to use creative methods to explore how young people are coping with making a living, we recently announced an exciting opportunity for you to have your work showcased at our award winning festival!

We have created a method where you can imagine a day in the life of a young person in 2020 using the personas that have been developed – Invisible Citizens, Zombie Generation, Militant Optimists and Lifestyle Hackers. These have been produced thanks to the stories of over 80 young people across 25 cities in Europe on how they cope with making a living.

We’d like to thank Vincent and Gian Paolo for imagining the day in the life of not just one but two Militant Optimists – Hugh and Laura, but this time there’s a catch, you have to complete the story! 

Hugh is a Scot who works as a civil servant in the Treasury like his father while Clara who’s Portugese, works as a paralegal training to become a lawyer, which is what she has dreamed about since she was a child.


Clare made an egg for Hugh so he gets to work full of energy. He worked on a policy paper until 9pm last night, so he needs the energy boost. Hugh goes to a meeting with all the colleagues from his department which is about how the cuts will affect them and who will get made redundant.

Another item on the agenda is him presenting an efficient way to manage migration. He wants to use the presentation on migration to impress his bosses that unlike other colleagues who feel guilty about proposing a stricter policy on migration because of the effect it will have on human beings, he wants to show that he doesn’t let his heart dictate his thoughts and focuses instead on the most cost effective way to manage this issue.

He feels scared, but is relieved that he wasn’t the one who got the sack. He is sad that others got laid off, but doesn’t have time to dwell on this too much as he needs to think about his career.


Hugh and Clare meet each other for lunch which they do everyday at 12.30 at the same restaurant. Clare needs to convince Hugh to come with her and her best friend and her husband to a new musical which is a critical success. Hugh needs to avoid lunch lasting too long as he doesn’t want to be seen as taking advantage. Clare asks Hugh if he wants to come to the musical, but he tells her that they need to save up for a house in a more civilised area so they can’t be spending money on frivolous experiences.

Clare wants to relax and meet other people as she has been with Hugh since starting at university and sometimes feels the need to have a change of scene. Hugh wants to wait until they’re settled with a house, a stable job and children, before spending money on enjoying themselves.

As she was excited about the musical and now Hugh won’t come, she calls her mum to ask her what she would doing at her place – go with the other couple or stay in with Hugh.

Now it’s your turn to complete the story, tell us what would Hugh and Clare do in the afternoon and evening, tell us why they do it and how they each feel about what they do. Leave a comment below or email and we’ll update the post!