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Telling stories to make a living

“The interview was prose at the time but it’s poetry in the memory”

We’re using creative methods in our Making a Living project to uncover your experiences on how you cope with trying to make a living. We’ll use these to develop scenarios and a guide on how, through the process of coping with the crisis, young people are creating new ways of making a living.

One of the ways you can get involved is by interviewing your friends, other young people or organisations working with young people. You can see an interview of one our members carried out.

“It was time to do something with my abilities. It was an emotional urge to do something. And it was especially frustrating when I did not succeed for a whole year. That really makes you doubt yourself.”

What should I do?

  • You can use can email them a selection of the Survey Questions for an email interview
  • You can meet them for an interview and record it on your phone or a voice recorder
  • Explain the content of the debate will be published on
  • Ask them if they would like to get further involved in the Project or with European Alternatives
  • Write up the interview and send it to

What should I interview them about?

You can interview people on the following areas to understand this issue

  • Young people’s basic living situation
  • How young people feel they’ve achieved and what they expect of the future
  • How they cope emotionally and practically with making a living
  • What support they value
  • How their work situation on your attitudes on society.

This will help us produce an analysis that can help us compare between cities to produce the scenarios & guide. On the next slide are examples of how you can interview young people, do share other methods you want to use! Any questions ask Project Team at

What should I think about?

  • Concentrate on the answers from the interviewee
  • If you feel they want to talk more about a question, ask them to tell you more
  • Question anything you don’t understand from the interviewee

At the end of the interview

  • Ask them at the end if there is something you haven’t asked they’d like to share
  • Thank them for participating, ask them for their email address so they can check the interview and find out how they can get more involved in the Project
  • Advise them that their interview will be published on and may be featured in guide on how young people cope with precarity
  • Advise them that their interview will be used to develop the personas & scenarios

After the interview

  • Concentrate on the answers from the interviewee
  • Write down the answers in the Survey Questionnaire
  • Send the interview to the Interviewee to check they are happy with it
  • Send the interview to the Project Team

How else can I get involved?

Imagine a day in the life of a young person in 2020, fill in in our survey on how you’re coping with making a living. Discover how you can use creative methods to take part where you live. Print our survey or see how to identify stories to interview your friends.

We will feature the content you produce in our scenarios, animation, guide and on this website!