Sofia, 7th December: The rise of right wing extremism throughout Europe

large_184_mikerichards_Sofia Bulgaria 020517 December (Tuesday) 2010, 7.00 p.m.
Red House Centre for Culture and Debate European Alternatives and Red House Centre for Culture and Debate present

TRANSEUROPA debate series 1: The rise of right wing extremism throughout Europe – finding transnational answers The deepening of the economic and financial crisis, the fear of the influx of immigrants, the unclear future ahead of the European continent have all contributed to the return of right wing extremist political movements throughout European politics.

From the United Kingdom to Hungary and Bulgaria, and from Sweden to France and Italy, a multitude of anti-immigrant, anti-islam, anti-roma, ultranationalist and neo-nazi movements are gaining supporters and sometimes even participating in government. Their rhetoric influences even moderate politics’ discourse, whether it be the German Chancellor declaring the “failure of multiculturalism” or the French President expelling the Roma. What are the causes for the success of far-right parties throughout Europe and what can we do to combat them? How does their rise relate to the changing nature of the nation state? What mobilisations are taking place across Europe to fight tendencies of intolerance? Might a move to a transnational horizon of mobilisation be called for? Discussion with analysts and activists from different European countries.

The first Transeuropa debate promotes the festival for contemporary politics and culture Transeuropa which will take place in May 2011 simultaneously in Sofia, London, Paris, Bologna, Cluj, Amsterdam and Lublin. In English and Bulgarian. Tickets: 2 / 1 BGN.