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EuroAlter Association announces the start of activities in RE: THINK EUROPEAN DEMOCRACY!  The project will be run in partnership with Asocia?ia ProDemocra?ia, European Alternatives London, Transeuropa Network London, European Alternatives Italia and Ambiente Legalità Intercultura Palermo. The project will last until June 2012 and will bear a strong transnational dimension.

The project RE:THINK EUROPEAN DEMOCRACY! aims at creating a transnational team of 18 young activists in European NGOs who will be involved in activities related to participative democracy in Romania, Great Britain and Italy, from a both comparative and intercultural perspective. The project is one of education for active citizenship, for which it will consist in four visits to major institutions (Parliament, public authorities, etc.) in Bucharest, London and Rome, as well as to the European Parliament and other Brussels-based European institutions.

We envisage that the experience and the information gained during the project will be included in a comprehensive good practice guide, written in collaboration by all the 18 participants, which will be distributed to NGOs and students from the three countries, as well as to the participants in the Transeuropa Festival, which will take place simultaneously in 15 European cities in 2012, including Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest.

In addition, the project includes the creation of a transnational think-tank including young people who want to improve their knowledge and experience in participative democracy at national and European level. In addition, we rely on intercultural dialogue and exchange of ideas that will contribute to a better understanding of today’s Europe, whose citizens we all are.

EuroAlter Association operates in Romania at a local, national and transnational level and is headquartered in Cluj-Napoca. It is a part of European Alternatives EEIG, a European-level NGOs’ partnership, promoting democracy, social justice and culture beyond the nation state. Together with our partner organizations and institutions, we organize campaigns, policy initiatives and local and transnational projects in areas such as migration, human rights, participative democracy, active European citizenship, new forms of sustainable economy, minority rights and media freedom. European Alternatives is one of the NGOs who are constantly invited by the European Commission to discuss and debate on topics related to the above-mentioned areas. Such meetings facilitate an approach aimed at enabling the citizen’s voice to be heard in the major European decision-making bodies.

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Peslari
European Alternatives Regional Coordinator
Telephone no.: 0040- 740690780
Address: 2/2, G-ral Traian Mosoiu street, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The project is funded by the European Commission through the Youth in Action Programme, Action 1.3.