Our publications include policy reports, tool-kits, books, artistic journals, magazines, and academic researches.

Artsformation Catalogue

Three years ago, with Artsformation, we embarked on an exploration to discern the intricate relationship between the arts and our unfolding digital society. Our mission was not just to observe, but to actively engage in understanding how the arts are intertwined with digital transformation. We believed that the arts could serve as a significant bridge, fostering a more inclusive and sustainable digital era. This catalogue aims to present in an interactive and pleasant way, the results and outcomes of our journey with Artsformation.

Decolonising Europe

The Decolonial Europe Day is a new initiative that uses the occasion of ‘Europe Day’ (9 May every year) to bring together existing decolonising initiatives, civil society organisations and other actors around the common project of decolonising Europe.

Illiberal Democracies in Europe

“Illiberal Democracies” in Europe: An Authoritarian Response to the Crisis of Liberalism. Edited by Katerina Kolozova and Niccolò Milanese. Assistant Editor Christopher A. Ellison

Workers Without Borders?

The report pays particular attention to the situation of mobile workers from the region in Germany, given its economic size and recent visa liberalisation, but also brings in examples and considerations from throughout the EU.

Transeuropa Festival Journal 2022

The 2022 edition of TRANSEUROPA unfolds from three central themes that reflect on the most urgent challenges we are facing today: Decolonize, Decarbonise, Democratize. Our curatorial theme focuses on the combination of scientific and technical knowledge but also on holistic and artistic practices that facilitate the creation of collaborative alliances across our interconnected world. Curated collectively and taking into account a plurality of local and international voices, our programme actively participates in deconstructing spaces of oppression and works in building spaces of freedom and imagination to construct viable and long-term alternatives.

No to War in Europe!

No to War in Europe! This is not a simple slogan, but an appeal to take action. As the confrontations at the Ukrainian-Russian border intesify, not only political leaders, but also actors of the civic society, should raise their voice and take a firm stand against nationalism and the threat of war. Read what our authors write about it.

The Online Handbook for Transnational Activists

The Online Handbook for Transnational Activists is a publication focused on theory and practice of transnational struggles for equality and justice in the past, the present, and the future. Originally, a book publication was envisaged, but more recent considerations due to the Covid-19 pandemic have led us to consider an online publication. The objective is to create an educational platform based on the contributions planned so far, including articles, interviews, videos, photo stories, infographics, methodological tools, and other resources.

Between Land And Sea

BETWEEN LAND AND SEA engages more than 50 artists, workers, researchers, migrants, fishermen, farmers and citizens from Palermo, Tunis, Bremen, Beirut, New York, Abidjan, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels, Dakar, Bamako to examine and critically reflect the existing connections between port cities and their intertwined histories, linked by global migration and trade. At a historical moment when humanity is facing unprecedented planetary challenges, artists, activists and citizens need to invent new ways to come together across borders and develop transnational and solidarity narratives.

What’s in an experiment? Opportunities and risks for the Conference on the Future of Europe

This brief gathers together proposals put forward by participants in the EUI-STG transnational democracy forum with diverse areas of expertise (in academia, think tanks, policy, NGOs, journalism); and it therefore serves as a document of collective suggestions and agenda-setting for the academic year 2021-22.

Best Practices & Policy Demands of Migrant Workers – Issue 2

This report offers insights into the legal vacuum of EU labour and social policy in three sectors which may exhibit some innovative practices but depend above all on a significant number of migrant workers: platform work, care work and agricultural work. This report also provides an overview of best practices in union organising of migrant and mobile workers and 12 concluding demands for labour and social policy changes at national and European level.

The Rise of Insurgent Europeanism

Civil society in Europe and its attitudes towards the European project have changed dramatically in the past decade of multiple crises. This study mapped, tracked and monitored developments in European civil society over a two-year period, revealing the nature and implications of these changes.

From the Sea to the City: Ideas, good practices and next steps for a welcoming Europe

This report is the account of the four conferences held over the course of 2020 as part of the initiative From the Sea to the City, involving EU representatives, city represenatives, mayors and civil society to promote a progressive change in the EU migration policy.