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Camilo Alvarez Garrido

I’m an activist and researcher from Chile. I moved to Germany in 2019 to pursue a Master’s in Global Studies. Since 2020, I have been actively involved in the migrant labor struggle in Berlin, particularly in the organisation of delivery riders with the Gorillas Workers’ Collective and its network, as well as in the construction of transectorial alliance between labor, housing and climate activists through the Make Amazon Pay campaign.

Alongside European Alternatives’ Berlin Hub and the School of Transnational Organizing, I also work as a research assistant at the Humboldt University Institute of European Ethnology together with the Berlin Institute for Migration and Integration Research. My personal research is currently focused on the role of care practices in enabling intersectional solidarity building within organised spaces of resistance.  I believe the most important task at hand in political organising is forging organisational cultures capable of attending to the complex diversity of our human needs, so as to allow us to pool our capacities together in more effective and sustainable ways.