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Home / MEP Candidates: Sign the By The Many Pledge

Commit to a people-powered Europe

The planet and its people are being exploited and harmed in the name of corporate super-profits. Too much of the political establishment continues to offer only minimal solutions that serve to maintain the balance of power in the hands of the few. The resulting climate and cost of living crises disproportionately impact vulnerable communities in the world and within Europe.

We need to imagine, demand, and enact radical alternatives. We need a Europe created by the many, and powered by the people.

Putting power firmly in the hands of ordinary people is the only way to disrupt a failing system and restore the promise of democracy. We call for a redistribution of power away from the state and towards local actors who work across borders.

Together, we can fight back against hate, division, discrimination and exclusion. We can enact an alternative now to show another Europe is possible and another world is in the making.

Sign the Pledge

If you are an MEP candidate, organisation, or concerned individual, sign the BY THE MANY! pledge below. [Note the pledge text is not part of the widget at all. Might want to add it to the actual widget as a preamble]

For a Europe and a planet shaped By the Many! I pledge to :

  • Work closely with community-led organisations representing people who are most impacted by EU legislation and policies, wherever they are found
  • Reduce the influence of corporate interests in policy-making
  • Protect the rights of the most vulnerable people in our communities; migrants, refugees, racial, ethnic and religious minorities including Roma communities, women and girls, the full spectrum of the LGBTQIA community, persons with disabilities, and low or zero-income groups
  • Take immediate climate action to divest from fossil fuels in a way that does not substitute one form of exploitation and extraction for another, endangering people and planet
  • Prioritise workers’ rights and collective power
  • Extend voting rights to all European residents and improve the capacity for full democratic participation of all members of society regardless of nationality or residency status
  • Protect everyone from systemic racism, discrimination and violence at the hands of the state, law enforcement authorities, and surveillance technology

candidates have signed the pledge

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