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Let’s talk about utopia

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What is utopia? What does it mean to change utopia now? Is the role of the artist to destroy the current failing utopias or is the it to create new utopias. Which is the difference in the creation and perception of utopia between China and Europe? How one could read the current situation in Hong Kong from a cultural and artistic perspective? What about the future? Those are the questions that are addressed by Chinese curator Hou Hanru in a dialogue with Luigi Galimberti, coordinator of Transnational Dialogues. The interview was held on 15 November 2014.

Started in 2011 by European Alternatives, Transnational Dialogues is an open and on-going cross-media platform managing and imagining artistic and cultural projects with a focus on the new geographies of globalisation and the emergence of a multi-polar artistic and intellectual world.