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Home / Journal / Our Demands: Power to the People

Our third set of demands aim to transform democracy and bring power away from the nation state to the translocal level.

Corporate power has captured the political process at the expense of the voices of ordinary people. Far-right narratives have used political institutions to continue to target racialised people, the LGBTQIA community, migrants, workers, and those in poverty. We need a redistribution of wealth and power away from national governments and corporations towards people and local agencies.

The 2023 Holding Spaces Assembly in Cluj.
Credit: Tamás Márkos

Our By The Many! demands for a people-powered Europe stem from years of experimenting with citizens’ assemblies. Watch Spaces to Assemble, an episode from our documentary series Holding Spaces about the power of citizens’ assemblies:

Also watch Virginia Fume, formerly of EUmans, explain how transnational assemblies could improve access to healthcare across Europe:

  • We call for people’s assemblies and deliberative, participatory democracy for a radical relocation of power and agency
  • We call for meaningful civic education in schools and beyond that promotes historical and social awareness and political agency of all people
  • We call for transnational lists: we want more power and representation to minoritised and marginalised groups, including racialised groups, LGBTQIA+, women and young people, and greater political diversity for a non-heteronormative, anti-racist, non-anthropocentric democracy
  • We call for voting age to be set at 16 years old, in all EU member-states 
  • We call for more power to the European Parliament to introduce legislation that is binding in member-states. We call for a redistribution of power away from the national, which means simultaneously power which is closer to the people, and connected power which has a greater impact on a global scale
  • We demand voting rights for all residents of Europe
  • We demand access to affordable, decent living spaces and a housing market that prioritises the rights of tenants and buy-to-live first-time homeowners over super landlords and corporations buying-to-rent
  • We call for the redistribution of wealth across social classes and across borders, ensuring a decent standard of life for all, are achievable aims and essential to democratic societies in which each can participate fully.