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Home / Journal / Our Demands: A World Led By Workers

Our second demand is a for a world led by workers. This is the only way to achieve true equality and liberate humanity from exploitation. 

As profits are prioritised, workers are increasingly overworked and under-paid. The result is an unprecedented cost of living crisis and higher rates of in-work poverty, whilst corporations are reporting record profits.

EA staff and participants from the Between Land and Sea Festival, Bremen, join the Make Amazon Pay Picket lines.

Our demand for a world led by workers draws on the experience of hundreds of workers across sectors including migrant workers, care workers and precariously employed workers that we have engaged with over the years.

Watch Deliveroo and Guerilla rider Ronnie talk to us about his experience organising in his workplace:

The EU must ensure that workers, including young, migrant and seasonal workers, and women, have the right to a living wage, good working conditions, dignity at work, and the freedom to organise. Trade union and worker collectives must use their power to constrain and control capital. We need to visibilise unpaid carers and wage workers, who are often women and migrants, and protect their workers’ rights.

Only through fair working conditions during a time of technological revolution and climate action can we transition fairly away from an economy based on unsustainable growth and extraction. 

  • We want more useful, meaningful and quality work: mobilise the power of trade unions and workers collectives to constrain and control capital
  • We want an end to unpaid internships
  • We want full implementation of the Platform Workers’ Directive ensured by the European Labour Authority
  • Transnational institutions must mobilise to protect workers, including young, migrant and seasonal workers, and their right to a living wage, good working conditions, dignity at work and to organise 
  • The workplace should be a place for creativity and freedom. European institutions should defend and promote this possibility to democratise work and everyday life, in relations between partners, family members, buyers and sellers and at the workplace
  • Action for collective negotiation: we demand combating the power of finance by banning corporate lobbies from democratic institutions, prioritising social dialogue with worker organisations within corporations
  • The EU must ensure universal access to basic income, decent housing, healthcare and education.