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Home / Journal / Our Demands: A Planet in Balance

A Planet in Balance is the first of the By The Many! demands. The planet hosts and encompasses all. We must take care of it.

Our By The Many campaign draws on the wide scope of our activities and engagement over the years, fostering translocal connections for action. One important focus of our activity is the question of housing and environmental degradation, particulary as it intersects with the rights of marginalised communities. Watch Spaces for Action, a documentary episode that touches on these issues in the context of the city of Cluj, as part of our Holding Spaces series.

Spaces for Action: Cluj

Spaces to Imagine, another episode in the Holding Spaces series, looks at the intersection between agriculture, environment and colonialism in the context of the island of Sicily. 

Space to Imagine: Palermo

It is urgent to move away from fossil fuels in our societies to achieve ecological, economic and social justice. There can be no eco-social justice without climate justice and a transformation of our economic model which is based on exploitation. Instead of focusing on individualised solutions to climate change, we need investment in public infrastructures, clean energy sources, and the protection of water as a universal public good for life. 

  • We want a non-eurocentric European democracy, radically responsible towards the planet, animals and people
  • A European Green Deal that divests from fossil fuels and unproven solutions to the climate crisis 
  • A tax on billionaires and corporations to finance climate action, including support to the hardest-hit countries
  • Energy-efficient housing that saves energy, lifts vulnerable and low-income households out of poverty, and protects tenants from rent increases and renovation costs.
  • We demand more research, expertise and activism at the intersection of health and environmental concerns
  • We need institutional commitment to end Fossil Fuels, deforestation, and water pollution, and the protection of water as a universal public good
  • Polluters must pay reparations in a way that rapidly ensures the transformation of our economic system away from polluting industries to social and ecological justice and sustainability
  • Climate refugees should be recognized legally and given support and welcome, as should all people fleeing disaster, war or persecution
  • The right to protest against polluters and climate destruction must be guaranteed.

A toxic waste dump in Pata Rât.
Credit: Tamás Márkos