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We hear about teenagers making their first million before they hit 2020, but we rarely hear about people the same age who are prototyping how digital technology could be used to help them and their peers make a living.

Apps for Good is an organisation which was originally set up in Latin America, blending a mix of community development and technology development principles to help young people learn how to create apps that make social change happen. They ran their first pilot course in Europe with young and unemployed students. This year, they had awards of which one of the winners was an app idea called “Pocket Job”.

Let’s hear it from the creators of this exciting idea

“We find that our parents aren’t actually willing to give us that much pocket money, so we thought why not find a way to get people who need jobs done, to get them done at a low price, ask people who need a little bit of extra money to do jobs for them”

For all those people who told us that one of they ways they cope with making a living is to make a bit of extra money on the side, this could be for you!

Apps for Good awards 2013 – Pocket Job from TechCityInsider on Vimeo.