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From 99 balloons to colour coding the square

Through the Transeuropa Caravans, we will be uncovering issues that are unheard in the public sphere, groups that are being excluded from the political debate and techniques that can stimulate people to engage in issues that cross borders. Through connecting these initiatives through online and offline methods, we will open up a transnational perspective for them to take action and connect with other initiatives.

As part of this, we will organise parties, which will take place to kick off the caravan tours and welcome them home. We will be inviting people from the initiatives the caravans will have visited to our parties.As ever with creative activities, you need a catchy name that creates a hook for people to come so in our recent co-creation workshop, we came up with the following catch phrases:
  • New “babies” to the Transeuropa family: Transeuropa Camp, Transeuropa Fests & Transeuropa Parties
  • Incubating the issues: Engage lab, Democracy labs & Democracy hubs
  • Playing on words: YOUropa Talks, YOURopa Matters, ME(P)/WE and Manifestival
  • Camping and shaking up change: Change Parties, Change Camp, Camp for Change, Empowerment camp and Shaking Europe
We then looked at ideas for public intervention formats and artistic events to accompany the Election parties.99 Balloons: A new form of voting system How about setting up balloons filled with helium with 12 different colours of theManifesto themes? You could attach them to long string that can be adjusted in its length according to which theme a spectator feels strongly about and hence wants to have that balloon higher up (by one turn of a wheel or similar). Another idea could be to have balloons attached to a person (12 persons in total) balloons attached to their wrists, they act as “experts” on each them they have the coloured balloon for and can answer questions about the policy proposals. At the end, you could release them simultaneously. The downside to anything involving putting balloons into the air is that you’re creating plastic garbage.

I wish we could: The European chain letter How about creating a teaser to welcome the caravans in each town by sharing a simple question on a handwritten piece of paper that citizens answer and then spread themselves by hand copying question and asking another stranger of answering it and spreading it him/herself and so on. On the sheet of paper the name of the website, would appear to link people to the website and /or incite them to post a picture of their message to the website via twitter or facebook? Questions could be: What do you like about your country and what to share with the rest of Europe? What is the struggle in your local community that you want to share with the rest of Europe? Share a photo of the best thing of your country you want to share with rest of Europe Share a photo of the best example of someone in your community / a symbol, etc. Hello Europe: I wish I could… Hello Europe: I care about… Hello Europe: you make me feel so …. Hello Europe: I wish you would… The aim would be to link offline to online participation and take part in the longest European chain letter. The website would give an example and have a dedicated space to explain the idea and process and when to start spreading it. There would also be a template on website for everyone to print out and start spreading the chain letter wherever they are. People would then upload a picture of their message to twitter and hashtag it. 6210513622_6f1f2b54a3_b Colouring in the manifesto You could colour code local squares according to which theme you care most about of the manifesto. People would write down their name/contacts on the coloured piece of the square. Colours would be watercolours that wash off or you could roll out a huge canvas on floor if permission is not achieved. trinity-glass2-small Hashtag the wall You could have a live twitter wall with projector on wall or and display issues & initiatives on the wall, or have a painting of square idea transferred to a projector on huge wall/ building. Alternatively, you could have a screen on the camper or use caravan as a screen, get local initiatives to provide material / infrastructure. Or you could project an SMS to a wall.     SMSlingshot Worldtour from THE CONSTITUTE on Vimeo. SMSlingshot Worldtour from THE CONSTITUTE on Vimeo. The Holi Festival (of democracy) Playing on idea of the Holi Festival of colours in India and use colours for a mini festival event in local town. Throwing the colours of manifesto onto something, the caravans or even the members of the caravan? Get involved! Holi-One