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Food for thought

“I think about different aisles, there could be an anxiety aisle, a boredom aisle, a sadness aisle, a despair aisle, an ennui isle, an anger isle…really the reasons we all eat…most of the time”.

Video by @food_democracy


As Europeans feel a mixture of apathy, anger and despair at the crisis, “could food could be at the heart of linking up people from different cultures and cities in Europe? such as learning how to understand migrant’s experiences through making food and sharing stories” “The food we eat tells us so more about us than we think. But what does it tell us about where we live?

From “tempting your tastebuds” to “thee ABC to good tapas” food is perhaps the first experience you’ll have of “micro-making” as a child – making a lake and mountain out of gravy and mash, or making “eggy soldiers” out of egg and toast. As Toby Blume says “If the ultimate act of love is to nurture another human being, then how can providing nutritious and delicious food be anything other than a hugely caring and generous deed?”.