GehtAuchAnders # 6 - Interview with European election candidates

Berlin May
10th 2019
EA Event
EA Event

May 10th at 19:00h at Home port Neukölln

From May 23 to 26, 2019, citizens of the European Union can elect the European Parliament for the ninth time. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the election will take place on May 26. The focus of the debate is on a common migration and asylum policy, a social Europe, tax justice and answers to the climate crisis.

Where do the parties stand and what do they want to move in parliament? Also goes differently and European Alternativeshave invited candidates with promising list positions from larger and smaller parties. Clear positions instead of BlaBla – the politicians initially answer behind a shadow wall, not the people or the party, but the position is in the foreground. Also present:

Erik Marquardt (Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen)
Maja Wallstein (SPD)
Susanne Zels (CDU)
Martina Michels (DIE LINKE)
Dani Platsch (Democracy in Europe – DiEM)
Helmer Krane (FDP)

The event will be moderated by PR Cantata (Musician) and Jakob Preuss (filmmaker)

In the subsequent panel discussion, representatives of civil society initiatives, the artists of Geht Also Anders and the audience deeply examine the candidate. We expect clear answers to specific questions.

Invited initiatives and their representatives:

Daphne Büllesbach ( European Alternatives )
Reinhild Benning and Eva Schmid ( Germanwatch eV )
Meike Riebau ( Save the Children Germany )

#GehtAuchAnders # Europawahl2019

A joint event by Geht Also Anders and European Alternatives – with the support ofFederal Center for Political Education (bpb)