Events 2023

European Alternatives organises and participates in many events, all across Europe and beyond, to promote democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state. Our events include conferences, open debates, assemblies, festivals, book presentations, and much more. Check out if we are coming to your city or town and come to meet us!

Online January
23rd 2023
Europe Calling Event

Europe Calling Webinar with Robert Habeck, Germany’s Vice-Chancellor and Minister for Economy & Climate Protection

Europe Calling Event

January 23rd at 20:00 – 21:00 hrs CET
Dear friends, The years 2015 to 2022 were the eight hottest on record. We are in the middle of the climate crisis. At the same time, the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine has caused an energy crisis in Europe;…
Paris February
2nd 2023
ULIP & NRC Event

We, the Non-Europeans

ULIP & NRC Event

February 2nd at 6pm at ULIP
Drawing from Derrida’s question on ‘what is called Europe?’ and Said’s work on the non-European, this lecture will look at how the two authors converged on the fundamental inability of Europe to approach the non-European with the openness that it…
Berlin February
3rd 2023
Artsformation Event

The Art of Decolonising Digital Resistance

Artsformation Event

February 3rd at 17:00-20:00 at Betahaus | Kreuzberg | Innospace Room | Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23, 10969 Berlin, Germany
The absence of real dialogue between the arts, communities and the policy making process is detrimental to both the arts, public policy and our society at large. The Art of Decolonising Digital Resistance is a live participatory action, where the audience is…