Events 2022

European Alternatives organises and participates in many events, all across Europe and beyond, to promote democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state. Our events include conferences, open debates, assemblies, festivals, book presentations, and much more. Check out if we are coming to your city or town and come to meet us!

Berlin April
8th 2022
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Shevek Iyapo – A Musical Lecture Performance

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April 8th at 19.30 at Oyoun | Kultur NeuDenken
The musical lecture performance “Shevek Iyapo” combines four different perspectives on life in Germany. Mati Shamoelof, a poet born in Haifa, Israel reflected in his latest work his family’s migration from Baghdad to Israel, as well as his experiences as…
Online April
13th 2022
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No More War Citizens Assembly

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April 13th at 17h
Register to participate on Wednesday 13th April: 6pm Kyiv, 6pm Moscow, 4pm UK time, 5pm Paris The war in Ukraine creates multiple urgent needs for solidarity – with people most exposed in Ukraine, with those who have fled, with all…
Porto April
20th 2022
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Transeuropa Festival 2022 – Decolonize! Decarbonise! Democratize!

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April 20th
The new edition of Transeuropa takes place in Porto and presents a rich schedule of events prepared in cooperation with local partners in the city. The programme will consist of events, exhibitions, open assemblies, meetings and music and will involve…
Strasbourg May
7th 2022

Lunch debate – Convention for a people-powered Europe: The future of democratic participation


May 7th at 13pm at L' Aubette, Pl. Kléber 67000
The second birthday of our coalition Citizens Take Over Europe is approaching! And we will celebrate it on the 7th of May in Strasbourg during the Strasbourg Summit organised by the Federalists movements. We answered the call launched by the European federalists to…