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Home / Resources / News / European Alternatives votes on new constitution

European Alternatives votes on new constitution

On the 24th September European Alternatives will vote on a new constitution.

The constitution will give a structure to an entirely innovative organisation which is transnational in its reach, staff, decision making and operations. It will give members a full say in the running of European Alternatives, and ensure that European Alternatives remains a robust, dynamic and highly active organisation for the future, promoting democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state.

Here you can find:

The text of the constitution

A guide to the constitution

A pdf of a powerpoint presentation which explains the constitution.

Answers to frequently asked questions will appear on this page.

You can ask a question about the draft of the constitution by emailing Niccolo:

The constitution will be voted on by the local group coordinators of European Alternatives and the provisional Transnational board.

Below you can see the names and contacts of the local group coordinators:

UK:                                      Federico &  Noel            
FRANCE:                           Segolene                        
ITALY:                                  Lorenzo & Sara            
ROMANIA:                           Daniel                             
BULGARIA:                          Stefan                            
GERMANY:                          Daphne & Emanuele  
CZECH REPUBLIC:           Rachel                           
SLOVAKIA:                            Monika & Gabriela      
POLAND:                              Tomek                            
SPAIN:                                   Lia