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Home / Resources / News / European Alternatives supports Embros theatre and opposes its closure by the Greek government

European Alternatives supports Embros theatre and opposes its closure by the Greek government

On the 11 November 2011 a group of artists and cultural workers called the Mavili Collective occupied the disused building of Embros theatre in Athens. The occupation presented itself as a “re-activation” of an abandoned space, and proposed an intense programme of activities bringing together artists, theoreticians, dance/theatre makers, architects and the general public. All these events were free to the public. The occupation re-constituted Embros as a public space for exchange, research, and debate.

Embros theatre also features in a full-length documentary co-produced in May 2012 by European Alternatives and Teatro Valle, in the context of Transeuropa Festival. The film is currently being edited for distribution later in the Autumn.

The Greek government has now demanded Mavili Collective evacuate Embros immediately setting an eviction date of 25th October. The government intends to rent the building privately for an as yet unspecified use. The termination of a free cultural space and community centre appears particularly questionable at a moment when the Greek state seems unable to financially support cultural practices or to create social structures to support its citizens through the current crisis.

European Alternatives expresses its support to the Mavili Collective, to the Embros theatre, and to all those supporting cultural and democratic experimentation in this difficult time for Greek and European citizens. European Alternatives opposes the plans to evacuate the theatre, and condemns the Greek government for attempting to repress the free expression of the artistic and political aspirations of the Greek people.

Support the Embros theatre: sign the online petition against closure at this link