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Equal rights for all Women Assembly

The Transnational Assembly of Feminist Solidarity: Equal Rights for All Women*, as part of the EUMANS Congress brought together 60 people in person from 13 EU countries plus 20 further participants online.

Targeted at citizens with lower levels of education and those affected by unequal social, gender and migrant rights, the assembly was a rewarding occasion of learning and exchange in Poland (in the face of the upcoming National and European elections).

Recruitment for the assembly took place in collaboration with local partners and associations (European Solidarity Centre, Trojmiejska Akcja Kobieca, Fundacja Zatoka, Strajk Kobiet), associations in contact with TEA partners, our event partner EUMANS who organised their annual congress on this weekend in Gdansk and within European Alternatives’ community network of activists, academics, artists and civil society actors.

Hosted in the auditorium of the European Solidarity Centre (the museum exhibiting the history of the Polish Solidarnosc movement), the assembly used a more classic format involving two keynotes by Lidka Makowska and Marta Lempart (both representatives of the Polish Women’s Strike), a panel, and in-depth group discussions.

Spread over two days, involving both training, trust building and the deliberative assembly itself, the program was embedded into the EUMANS annual congress (another partner of the TEA project) which also gave opportunities for participants to explore cross-border topics related to transnational social rights.