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Ensuring a fair digital single market

How to ensure a fair digital single market?

The European Commission is about to open to a revision of the Audiovisual Directive, the European law setting minimum media standards. We have a long-standing interest in media freedom, having run in 2014 a European Citizens Initiative that gathered 200,000 signatures to safeguard media pluralism.

That’s why, in cooperation with the London School of Economics, on December 7 we have organised a meeting in the European Parliament bringing together MEPs, the European Commission and civil society to begin fighting for more stringent regulation to guarantee the independence of the media from political power across Europe.

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Co-organised by Media Policy Project and European Alternative Media, the debate was hosted by MEP Sabine Verheyen, member of the Committee on Culture and Education.

Among the participants, there were comments from Marlene Holzner, Cabinet of Commissioner Oettinger and Sally Broughton Micova, from LSE Media Policy Project. Lorena Boix Alonso, Head of Unit for Converging Media and Content Unit talked about the position of the European Commission and Madeleine de Cock Buning (ERGA), discussed about the view from the regulators. Sally Broguhton Micova was in charged of the Closing remarks.

Media independence is vital for assuring healthy media democracies, a profile of democracy that is getting more and more presence in a society that focuses on using info technologies to both empower citizens and active transnational movements.