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EIMP: Thank-you to all supporters


We thank you for your support, for following, sharing and signing this European Citizen’s Initiative for Media Pluralism!

Since Aug 19, 2013 we have mobilised European citizen’s in defense of their fundamental right to free and pluralistic information. We have organised meetings, panels, and pan-European demonstrations. We were present at conferences, political rally’s, on squares and in parks. Our aim was, and will remain, to make sure that requests for help will be heard in the institutions in Brussels, and that violations of press freedom in EU member states will not remain unnoticed!

In Bulgaria the overlap between economic, political and media power was the main focus of the campaign. And Dylian Peevski. Of course. A lot of Peevski.


In Cyprus our campaigners have been active at events and on the streets to collect heaps and heaps of paper signatures.



In England we campaigned against monopolisation and culture of mutual interest between the press, senior politicians​ and police in the UK – See more here: the culture of mutual interests between the press and senior politicians, and for fair and balanced representations in the media.



In Germany we called for solidarity, and printed multiple issues of the ‘Freie Medien Kurier’, a special newspaper spread at demonstrations in support of press freedom in Bulgaria and Hungary.


In Hungary, a country where press freedom is under continued pressure, we received great creative output from a poetry slam: Sajtószabadság slam!



In Italy, besides many other campaigns, we made a bit of fun of Berlusconi’s conviction and social service: #Affidateloanoi! Let him work for us!



We were invited to the International Day for Press Freedom on May 3rd, and a debate organised by ProDemos. To raise attention we started a signature selfie campaign.


In Ljubljana the citizen’s initiative was really about citizens as our campaigners picked up a camera and asked people on the street what they think about press freedom.


Every campaigner, and every volunteer that worked on the European Initiative for Media Pluralism gave everything he/she had, and we are proud of our results. Today at 23:59 we will probably have around 200.000 signatures. That are 200.000 European citizen’s that joined our campaign for press freedom and media pluralism! In every European country we called upon citizens to sign the initiative, and in every European country citizens responded.

On behalf of all campaigners and volunteers,

200.000 times thank you for your support!

Keep in mind, press freedom and media pluralism are fundamental rights, rights that are worth defending. As European Initiative for Media Pluralism we will continue our fight for these fundamental rights. In the near future we will inform you about our next steps, and how we will ensure that press freedom remains high on the European political agenda.