Civil Liberties and Stockholm Programme Initiative in Iasi

Transeuropean Deliberative Consultation

Throughout 2011, European Alternatives will manage a large-scale transeuropean project that will bring together thousands of citizens across Europe to discuss common actions to fight for their civil rights, as expressed in the EU’s Stockholm Programme and Charter of Fundamental Rights.  Citizens in Bulgaria, France, Italy, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom will discuss common approaches to

·         Media freedom
·         Roma and travellers rights
·         LGBT rights
·         Labour and social rights
·         Migration rights
·         Legality and the struggle against organised crime
Participative round-tables will be set up in eighteen cities around Europe in which local problems will be discussed within a European context. Discussions will be set up in small groups of 6-7 people progressively joining up until a common proposition for action is agreed upon. A selection of participants from these regional forums will then have a chance to take part in a translational forum that will gather activists and citizens discussing the same themes across Europe.
The third of these meetings will happen in Iasi on February 19th and will deal with freedom of information and media pluralism. More details on the date, location and specific methods of work are coming soon on our website, so stay tuned:
To register your interest in collaborating with us in this exciting event, please write to us: