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Call for videomakers

Call for videomakers / Project “Vote for the voiceless” 

European Alternatives (EA) is looking for six videomakers to bring their unique combination of journalistic news-gathering, their cinematic eye and their “activist soul” to co-produce, co-direct, shoot and edit short videos and a transeuropean documentary film of about 60 minutes in length, in the context of the project “Vote for the voiceless”. If you want to be part of a great transnational project, you are welcome to join our team.


“Vote for the voiceless” is the continuation of a 3 year long process that EA has been running and that has come to produce the Citizens Manifesto ( which will form a main part of the project in order to mobilize people across Europe for the next European parliament elections.

In April 2014, 6 campers will go around Europe for ten days collecting people’s opinions, particularly of those whose voices are silenced the most in the public sphere. The main routes are likely to cover Rome to Zagreb; Prague to Budapest; Berlin to Lublin; Paris to London; Barcelona to Lisbon; Cluj to Athens. Each of these campers will include 5 people: a Community organiser, a logistic manager/administrator, a videomaker, a communication person and a cartoonist.

Countries involved: Italy, Croatia, Slovenia , Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Germany , Poland , France, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Spain and Portugal


During the 10 days travel, the videomaker will be responsible of the shooting and editing of short videos that will be posted/put online on a daily basis: shooting the route and the events, interviewing people, editing vox-pops, editing short original formats.

The outputs will be decided together with the other videomakers during a preparation meeting at the end of January. During this preparation meeting, the videomakers will come together, take part in a training and plan together the different video formats that will be produced during the travel.
After the travel, each videomaker will have to edit a 10-15 minutes short video which will be part of a common transeuropean documentary film about the project.

Travel costs and accomodation will be covered and a remuneration fee will be provided.


The videomakers will have to:

– attend the preparation meeting in Berlin, on January 24th and 25th. Travel costs and accommodation will be covered.
– be available around mid-April for 10 days of travel, shooting and editing. Travel costs and accommodation will be covered.
– bring her/his own equipment during the travel (camera, laptop to edit the short videos, microphone) – possibilities to rent some equipment.
– to produce a 10-15 minutes short film that will be part of a transeuropean documentary film about the project

Travel costs and accommodation will be covered and a remuneration fee will be provided.


– cinematic eye
– very good skills in camera operating/shooting and in editing videos
– skills in interviewing/journalism
– fluent English and at least one language of the countries involved
– experiences in working with activists, for non-profits


Please send your references, your CV, a short description of your motivations to take part in this project and your wishes for the route you would like to follow to Séverine Lenglet:


The deadline for application is 07 January 2014. The approximate date for completion of the documentary film is August 2014.