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A day in the life of

As part of our Making a Living project to use creative methods to explore how young people are coping with making a living, we would like to announce an exciting opportunity for you to have your work showcased at our award winning festival!
We have created a method where you can imagine a day in the life of a young person in 2020 using the personas that have been developed – Invisible Citizens, Zombie Generation, Militant Optimists and Lifestyle Hackers.

These have been produced thanks to the stories of over 80 young people across 25 cities in Europe on how they cope with making a living.

To create a day in the life in 2020, just follow these simple steps:

1. Select one of the personas

2. Download the template

3. Describe how they go about the day based on the elements of the persona you have chosen

4. Have a look at an example a few of our members created of a day in the life in 2020

5. Describe how they would act, react, feel, think & interact in 2020 using thetemplate!

6. Use photos from Make a Living or take your own photos that represent what you’ve written.

7. Send your “day in a life” to

8. We will publish your “day in the life” on our website and showcase it at ourfestival!

Any queries, just get in touch!