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Your donation enables you to become a member of European Alternatives. Our members are citizens, activists, organizers, civil society organisations, progressive movements and grassroots initiatives who are actively imagining, demanding and enacting transnational alternatives to the current political institutions and economic models.

European Alternatives is a transnational mission- and membership-based civil society organisation promoting democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation-state. Membership is open to all who share our mission and values and pay a contribution of minimum 2€/month (or 24€/year). Any contribution helps us be stronger and independent!

Together, we set the strategy and work program of European Alternatives, in a democratic and participatory manner, and are building the space for a transnational community of people to engage in new forms of political and cultural engagement to radically transform Europe.

With membership, you:

  • Attend our annual assembly and have a say in the decision-making process and strategy of European Alternatives. The annual assembly takes place as part of Transeuropa Festival.
  • Stay connected with other members and receive the newsletter of European Alternatives twice a month to get the latest news and learn more about opportunities to engage with us and with our members.
  • Disseminate information about activities and events you would like to share with the network, through our newsletter, our social media and our website, in coordination with staff.
  • Get a vote to elect representatives to the board every 2 years and suggest priorities for our annual work program and general strategy.

Privacy policy

At European Alternatives, we want to be completely transparent on why we need the personal details we request when you support us and how we will use them.

Any questions?

Please email to ask any questions regarding your donation.