Derstandard: The loud adieu to the idea of ​​the nation

The activists of European Alternatives want to overturn the EU: they call for the founding of a supranational party The clearest ideas that affect Europe’s political future are best summed up in the Eternal City, with red wine and pasta in preference. Lorenzo Marsili and Niccolò Milanese founded in 2006, both just 22 years old, in Rome, the organization European Alternatives. Their joint agency could be described today, after 13 eventful years full of crises, but with the experience of countless meetings and congresses on their backs, preferably as a progressive collecting platform. The claim of European Alternatives is expressly cosmopolitan.

Their motto is “Democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state”. The national state must be overcome, say the two pasta friends Marsili and Milanese. Although the origin of any sovereignty is inherent in the nation, the latter today resembles a screen. Behind him, completely undisturbed, are the mechanisms that enable neoliberalism to engage in politics against the majority of citizens. Affected by neo-liberal profit cravings are marginally employed, self-employed, service providers of the “gig economy”. But it also affects migrants and people at risk of losing their European citizenship for reasons of state and security.



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