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20. June – Join the World Refugee Day







Not In Our Names – Stand Up for Another #EUMigration Policy on World Refugee Day.

June 20th is World Refugee Day. On and around that day, across Europe, citizens, civil society organisations and activists are calling for demonstration and solidarity events. Here you can find information and updates from across Europe.

In 2000, the United Nations declared June 20th World Refugee Day. Since then, conflicts and other life-threatening occurrences drove up to 2,5 millions people per year out of their countries (UNHCR, 2013).

Europe has responded to this by strengthening its borders and its policies, with disastrous consequences. At least 20.000 people are estimated to have died trying to reach european territories since 1988. But still, member states find it easier to agree on the newly initiated ‘war on smugglers’, than on a common plan to resettle a mere 20.000 refugees in 28 countries in 2015.

Europe can’t be allowed to continue on that path.

Planned mobilisations:

BERLIN: Demonstration and Concert: Remake Europe. democratic – in solidarity – borderless

STRASBURG: Ferry, not Frontex: A Boat to the European Parliament, June 20th (French & German)

ROME: FERMIAMO LA STRAGE SUBITO! (call for mobilisation, link to come)

LONDON: Anti-racist and anti-fascist Block on End Austerity Now Demonstration, June 20th

Join! And stand-up against more barbed wire, bombs, detention and criminalisation; for access, protection, asylum, and dignity!