Who we are

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European Alternatives is a transnational civil society organisation and citizen movement promoting democracy, equality, and culture beyond the nation state.


We act in the belief that the most urgent political, cultural and social challenges of our time can no longer be understood or dealt with at the national level. At the same time, existing forms of technocratic global and European governance are neither democratic, just, nor fair. New forms of transnational collectivity must be fostered to give citizens democratic control over their future.

We believe the emergence of real democracy in Europe is not only about institutions, but also and especially about constructing effective transnational practices of participation, solidarity and cultural invention. The current inability of citizens and civil society to act in a coordinated way across national borders leaves space for non-democratic forces to dictate our politics.

We stand for the principle of solidarity, and see in the current political institutions as well as dominant economic models the causes of rampant inequality. We see in culture and the arts the imaginative resources to create new forms of transnational community.

Europe could be a laboratory for political invention and progress with global implications, but only if we radically change course. The current European regime is undermining its own claims to universal rights, democracy and justice. We reject the idea that we must choose between the status quo and nationalism: Europe must be reclaimed and reinvented, made hospitable to others and to other ideas. European Alternatives works with those who share this mission.

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