color-positive (1)The project AAA: “Act-up Agora Agency” (“Agence A vous d’Agir”) aims to spark debate on parties’ programmes and manifestos for the European elections thanks to a “participative rating agency of programmes”. This agency will consist of the assembly of citizens who will participate in the final debate in Lyon before the European elections, and possibly in other European cities. Playing on the feeling of lack of political choice (as the title suggests), and symbolising largely the power of rating agencies such as the well-known AAA in France, the project aims to engage European citizens within the debate beyond the usual suspects and within the context of the European year of citizens. It aims to allow a dialogue on Europe, its objectives, its means and its vision for the future between citizens who do not define themselves as pro-European and their representatives, in order to build a debate around the upcoming European Parliament elections and their role.

The project is made up of the studying of the programmes and of a participatory debate.

The analysis of manifestos will be led by a working group of young people from France and from the rest of the EU, on the central issue that they will decide on (for example youth policy, employment, ecology, etc.). Manifestos will be analysed with regard to the political answers proposed by parties and according to a number of criteria which will be defined in cooperation with several NGOs and experts.

This analysis will be published in a journal presenting the results of the citizen rating agency. It will furthermore inform the participatory debate which will take place in Lyon in April. During the debate, participants and key actors will compare the proposals of the parliamentarian candidates and will be invited to compare their political choices and/or elaborate proposals on alternatives.


Countries Involved

France & 5 participants from other European Countries

Duration of the Project

December 2013- June 2014

With the support of:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


European Commission within the frame of the Partnership of European Communication management




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