#FixEurope Campus
October 21-24th:
Bringing together activists from across Europe in a three-day campus environment for reflection, learning and strategising.

#FixEurope Public conference
October 25th:
Organised in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, opened by Saskia Sassen.
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  The Campus

#FixEurope Autumn Campus

October 21-24th, Schloss Wartin


The campus will bring together 80 activists, intellectuals, academics, & trainers from throughout Europe for three days of reflection, learning and strategising. Training workshops will aim to empower participants in new techniques for campaigning, advocacy and communication at EU level; we will learn how the use of new technologies can help activists on the ground; we will map the new European institutions and study which attempts at influencing decision-making have worked and why.

The Campus will be divided into three strands looking at:

  • How to influence policy making / building up a citizens lobby,
  • How to bring grassroots practices and local change to a transnational dimension
  • How to build networks and how to connect (online and offline) communities.

Formats will range from expert-led discussions and workshops, to peer-to-peer trainings including time for exchange and building up own project ideas. Participants are encouraged to present own sessions and give inputs.

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Speakers include:

Ádám Földes, Transparency International
Andy Williamson, From Arrogance to Intimacy: A handbook for active democracies
Raffaella Bolini, ARCI
Antonia Laterza, Eutopia
Teresa Conrad & Sarah Glavey, LE-AD

  The Conference

#FixEurope: Strategies for political and social renewal

October 25th, 13.30-19.00, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Berlin

1379567_737664069584205_1603562837_nOrganised by European Alternatives in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung

From surveillance to TTIP, and from the treatment of migrants to Orban’s ‘illiberal’ Hungary – citizens throughout Europe are defending themselves against the ongoing erosion of civil rights and public space. To fix these and other wrongs in Europe we need to go well beyond the critical assessment of government policy: it requires a new set of ideals for European democracy and equality.

These new ideals can only be born when we nourish and promote society’s critical mind(s), for only a critical mind can provide the relevant concepts and ideas to ignite social change.

How can we raise the often local concepts and ideas that already exist throughout Europe, onto a successful transnational level? How can we transform our networks, and social movements and initiatives into a powerful force for change? In short: How can we build a critical mass in favour of change, in a neo-liberal economic system that seduces us to conformity?

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Speakers include:

Catherine Fieschi, Director, Counterpoint UK, London
Beppe Caccia, Board Member,, City of Venice
Ulrike Guérot, Director, European Democracy Lab, Berlin
Oli Henman, European Representative of Civicus Alliance , London
Saskia Sassen, Sociology Professor & Committee on Global Thought Co-Chair, Columbia University
Igor Stiks, Senior Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh

Full speaker bios available here.

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