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  • Transeuropa è uno dei festival artistici e politici transnazionali più longevi d’Europa. Fondato nel 2007 a Londra, Transeuropa si svolge ogni due anni in una…

  • We are a group of civil society organizations, citizens and residents from across Europe, joined in a common effort to promote a forward-looking and citizens-centered European…

  • Room to Bloom sostiene 100 giovani artiste femministe. È un programma di formazione e di apprendimento tra pari. Finanzia 15 produzioni artistiche che andranno in…

More projects

  • AAA: “Act-up Agora Agency”

  • Act4Free Movement

  • ArtGora Forum

  • Artsformation

  • Assemblies of Solidarity

  • Campus di European Alternatives

  • CARE

  • Citizens Pact & Transeuropa Caravans 2014

  • Citizens Rights

  • Civil Society Forum of the Western Balkans

  • Co-Creation

  • Council Forum on European Democracy

  • Countering Hate Speech and Far Right Radicalism in CEE – Training Series

  • Critical Change Labs

  • DECiDe

  • DEMO: Democracy, Elections, Mentorship, Organizing

  • Democratic Odyssey

  • Euryka

  • Feminist Peace Practices

  • FiERCE

  • From Sea to City

  • Generation D Liberation

  • Labour Games

  • Media Pluralism Campaign