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Critical ChangeLab (Democracy Meets Arts: Critical Change Labs for Building Democratic Cultures through Creative and Narrative Practices) is a Horizon Europe research and innovation project addressing democratic erosion trends by strengthening youth participation in society. The project is carried out by 10 partner institutions and examines the current state of democracy in learning environments across Europe, generating a robust evidence base for the design of a participatory democratic curriculum. Critical ChangeLab develops a model of democratic pedagogy using creative and narrative practices to foster youth’s active democratic citizenship at a time when polarisation and dwindling trust in democracy are spreading across Europe. At the Critical ChangeLabs, diverse actors from formal and non-formal education and civic organizations work together with youth to rethink European democracy and envision futures that are justice-oriented.

Partners include University of Oulu (Coordinator) – Finland, Trinity College Dublin – Ireland, University of Barcelona – Spain, stichting Waag Society WAAG – Netherlands, Ars Electronica Linz GmbH & Co – Austria, Kersnikova Institute – Slovenia, LATRA Innovation Lab – Greece, Tactical Tech – Germany, Alternatives Européennes – France, and Institute of Social Research in Zagreb – Croatia.