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Towards a people-powered Europe

Ahead of the 2024 European elections, European Alternatives is launching a campaign to call for a radical shift in our politics, based on the transformative power of people working across borders. We imagine a democratic Europe in which everyone can live a good life, and which acts to bring transnational justice and a flourishing planet. We’re calling on individuals, organisations and MEPs to sign the By The Many pledge. Find out more below.

The By The Many Manifesto

The By The Many! manifesto is built on the demands arising out of the many citizens’ assemblies, partnerships and projects that we’ve been involved in over the years, drawing on the views of a multitude of individuals and groups across the continent.

Our campaign is living and evolving: we welcome individuals and organisations to take actions that advocate for and develop our demands.

Write to your MEP

Ask your MEP candidate to sign our pledge and commit to a people-powered Europe using our pre-prepared email-sending tool.

MEP Candidate? Sign our Pledge

If you are an MEP candidate, sign our pledge and commit to a people-powered Europe.

Organisation or Concerned Individual? You can sign our pledge too!

Share our campaign 

Click here for a social media toolkit to share the By The Many campaign. If you’ve signed the By The Many pledge, share our pledge badge below on your website, socials, or profile pictures. Click here to download the badge.