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Fluctuations is a transnational boat festival wandering European rivers, to mobilise on social, environmental, and citizenship topics.

At numerous stops, an eco-designed riverboat stage – the festiboat – docks in cities.

The riverbanks come alive with joy, music, art, a hub of solutions, a plant-based food court, a kids’ section, and diverse workshops and talks, inviting people of all backgrounds to co-create a beautiful future for the European Union and society.

Fluctuations will go full scale with its riverboat in summer 2025 but is already starting beta-events in 2024 with its partner UrbanBoat, with events in Lille on 6 & 7 July, Brussels on 13 & 14 July, and in the Netherlands on 20 & 21 July 2024.

Countries Involved

Duration of Project
2024 – ongoing

With the Support of
European Cooperation Projects

European Alternatives
BESIGN Sustainable Design School
Subjective Values Foundation