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Home / Resources / News / New partnership to promote an open, democratic & enlarged Europe

New partnership to promote an open, democratic & enlarged Europe

European Alternatives is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with the Centre for Advanced Studies – Southeast Europe (University of Rijeka), the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory (University of Belgrade) and the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities (Skopje) to work together to promote a new vision of an open, democratic and enlarged Europe.

The aim of the partnership is to share resources and exchange in the fields of international policy analysis, advocacy, social engagement and to re- conceptualise in Europe beyond the borders of any given nation/state to create a new vision for a just and unified Europe.

Areas of co-operation will include:

  • Engaging collaboratively in applied (policy) analysis as well as academic in-depth research concerning topics including amongst others: European politics; geopolitics and planetary politics; inter- cultural relations; gender, migrant and minority rights; and just ecological, social, and economic change.
  • Work together in direct political and policy advocacy
  •  Through social engagement, promote and encourage free and politically responsible societies and democratic practice that allows for social and economic justice, as well as improving intercultural relations and working toward greater gender equality
  • Work towards creating a vision of Europe that is just and unified
  • Organisation of international meetings, conferences, workshops, and outreach events
  • Free and open exchange of information, ideas and results from various analyses, and publications
  • Conducting joint research and development projects
  • Cooperation in individual projects
  • Organization of lectures, symposia, international meetings, conferences, summer schools and workshops
  •  Exchange of researchers and students
  • Exchange of information, teaching materials, technological and scientific publications
  • Search for opportunities to collaborate in the future

Download the full memorandum of understanding here.