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Transeuropa Network opens membership

At European Alternatives we are using the summer to reform our structure and continue constructing a transnational bottom-up cultural and political actor.

We are delighted to announce the birth of an open-membership Transeuropa Network, a network of activists from throughout Europe working together for the emergence of a new and genuinely transnational European politics, culture and society

Transeuropa Network is an innovative experiment in transnational, bottom-up democracy and participation, bringing together all activist members of European Alternatives to collectively shape the organisation and its political and cultural positions, as well as run local activities and campaigns and the annual TRANSEUROPA Festival.

Find out more about the network here

Ready to join? Here

We'll start straight away – with an online vote scheduled between July 29 and August 5th for all existing and new members to decide on thematic priorities of the network and European Alternatives in September and October. Should we focus on the Arab spring? Or the economic crisis? Something else? For you to decide.