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Dounia Mahfoufi

Dounia is one of the candidates standing for elections of European Alternatives members’ representatives. Find out more about who she is and why she stands as a candidate. Elections will take place from March 1st to 8th 2013: sign up  to become a member and vote!


I am Dounia Mahfoufi, I am 24 and engaged in European Alternatives since the last summer. I started in European Alternatives a bit randomly. Several friends of mine were more or less interested and engaged in the organization and I wanted to do something. I didn’t know what exactly but I just felt I had a little time and wanted to finally take my worries and preoccupations concerning social and political issues seriously. At the same time I was convinced that a creative and intelligent answer could be organized to those issues. I study Cultural Sciences, and since then got extremely sensitive to cultural, polical and social thematics that are impossible to avoid in nowadays society. I was looking for a meaningful way and form to get involved, to start being part of a solution and I found it! 
I am now coordinating a transnational project from Berlin while I study and work.


I am convinced of the necessity of the member representant who aims to gather opinions, ideas but also doubts and critics within European Alternatives. I hope I will be able to manage to give the best to answer everybody’s expectations at this position. The communication between board and members should be correctly assured.


Wishing everybody a nice election-time! Hope to seeing you soon.

Dounia Mahfoufi