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Doina Elena Craciun

Doina is one of the candidates standing for elections of European Alternatives members’ representatives.. Find out more about who she is and why she stands as a candidate. Elections will take place from March 1st to 8th 2013: sign up  to become a member and vote!
Dear European Alternatives fellow members,
As you all probably know, the mandate of our ancient spokespeople of members is about to come to an end because this is an association that kicks out even the nicest people for the sake of democratic periodical vote. That is why we are invited to elect a new person who will stand for members on the Board, who will make our opinions, initiatives and concerns be considered at that level, jeopardizing his life, family, lovers, neighbors, pets and friends to make our voice be heard.
Because I love talking (and screaming if necessary) for a good cause, I would like to candidate for this position within European Alternatives. I am Doina, a 27 years old Romanian studying in Paris who has decided this year to freshen up her life by participating to projects this association is organizing all over Europe. The rest of my days are made out of long hours in the National Library and walking around to conferences trying to become smart. My best friend is my computer when it does not shut down in the middle of a paper I am trying to write, or in the middle of yet another new plan for the thesis I’m preparing in medieval History. My next best friend is a Russian, but we’ll talk about it around a small vodka, some other day.
All I wanted to say – but I already said too much – is that this association is like a mouthful of reality for me, it pulls me out of my wonderful Middle Ages that I can only understand but not change, into contemporary issues that can still be fought for. And because there is a lot of work to do before the world becomes as nice as my friends are I want to make good use of the chance European Alternatives gives us all, a chance to really do something for the world we live in.
That is why I will try to get involved as much as the National Library allows me in this transnational guardian of real democracy. And I will do it as a simple member or as a spokespeople member if this will be the position bestowed upon me.
Thank you for your time and consideration,