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Call for volunteers for the Transeuropa Festival

The fourth Transeuropa Festival is coming soon!

The Transeuropa Festival is an artistic, cultural, and political event organised by European citizens for European citizens.  It encourages political and cultural exchanges that revolve around Europe and collective action, generating alternative perspectives on the economic crisis, migration, and democratic participation.  In October 2013 the Transeuropa Festival will offer a wide range of cultural, artistic, and political events of a transnational character; it will take place in 13 cities spread throughout Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin, Bologna, Bratislava, Cluj-Napoca, London, Lublin, Paris, Prague, Sofia, and Warsaw.  The festival will conclude with a European forum in Berlin.

For the last three years, the festival has taken place in May.  This year, however, we have decided to hold it in October, thereby allowing it to coincide with the EU’s “European Year of Citizens”.  Our goal?  To get even more people to participate in our project.  The event will take place 6 months before the elections to the European Parliament, and we will therefore be able to set the tone for promoting a more creative, inclusive, and transnational Europe.

Work as a volunteer for the Transeuropa Festival!

The TRANSEUROPA festival is run by European Alternatives and its members, who have combined their efforts throughout the year to organise more than 80 events for the festival in October.  Accordingly, the months leading up to this event are devoted to the intense mobilisation of activists and campaigners from all over Europe, in order to guarantee a top-class festival that is free and open to all.

If you wish to help us organise the festival, please don’t hesitate: become a member of European Alternatives and join one of our local groups in any of the cities involved.  Simply write to us and attend an introductory meeting about the festival in your city.  You can find the addresses of the local groups of all the cities represented by our network here.

Find out what you can do to help us set up the events of this year’s Festival!

If you make a contribution to the Transeuropa Festival, you will have the opportunity to interact with our members, either by meeting them in October at the Festival’s events, or later on at the local group meetings that take place every month in various European cities.  Furthermore, you will develop your skills in organising campaigns, managing projects, raising funds, and communicating.

Are you interested in the Festival’s themes?

The rights of European citizens and of migrants, the struggle against discrimination, alternatives to austerity measures, public participation, new means of mobilisation in Europe…  So many burning issues and pressing questions that might be of interest to you!  Come to the Festival to share your opinions and discuss these questions with European activists.

–  Engage in dialogue with other members rallying in other cities by discussing mutual interests and shared themes.
–  Contribute by doing research on a particular topic and proposing suggestions.
–  Meet European experts who specialise in the aforementioned topics at the festival’s events.

Are you interested in the practical side of running events?

–  Get involved in the planning and the setting up of the events.
–  Prepare the venues for the events.
–  Liaise with both our partners and the festival’s speakers.
–  Work in a team of volunteers.

Do you enjoy using the Internet and its social networks?

–  Participate by making sure that the festival’s Facebook and Twitter pages stay updated and lively.
–  Help set up live streaming and Skype coverage of the Festival’s events, and contribute to the “live tweets”.
–  Use your knowledge of the latest technologies and social networks to create an efficient and effective means of online communication between all the cities participating in the Festival.

Are you a journalist with good communication skills?

–  You can help us contact the press by writing press releases and recommending journalists.
–  Help us reach out to a wider public by developing our communicative strategies.
–  Link up the Festival in your city with the Festival in the other cities involved by writing articles on the events.
–  Write articles and interview speakers for our website and the Festival’s blog.

Are you passionate about photography and making videos?

We need people to document every detail of the Festival’s events in order to share as much as possible with the other cities involved.

–  You can work as a volunteer photographer for the Festival and record its events, allowing you to promote your work in other European cities.
–  Likewise, you can film events or conduct video interviews and introduce your talent to a wider audience.

Are you a dynamic person with good communication skills who likes to be outdoors?

– Help us by putting up posters and handing out the Festival’s programme.
– Tell people about our events.
– During the Festival, you can help give the speakers and the public a warm welcome by explaining the Festival’s purpose, etc.

For more information:

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Do you wish to learn more about last year’s Festival?  Please watch the video of the festival: you will witness scenes from the pan-European festivities, allowing you to discover the Festival’s key themes and important moments.

You can also take a look at the 2012 Festival’s transnational programme on its website.