Lancio del numero 1 della Rivista europea delle alternative

Last year, the year of our 15th anniversary, when we wrote our last biannual report of activities (read here), it was clear that we wanted 2023 to be the year in which we would relaunch our magazine of arts, politics and reflection. It was precisely 16 years ago when we published the first edition of our transnational journal – a space to map out visions, ideas and pathways for an alternative, open and radically more democratic Europe.

Ateliers d’écriture gratuits

Ateliers d’expression littéraire créative avec les écrivains Insa Sané (slam, poésie orale, textes musicaux) et Mabrouk Rachedi (narration, prose).   Les canditures sont fermées pour Mabrouck Rachedi, nous acceptons encore les candidatures finales pour Insa Sané. Vous avez entre 15…