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Welcome to the Local Activities Explorer

We have created the Local Activities Explorer so that you can see what other groups are working on the issues your group cares about. We have now also created the Festival Activities Explorer which shows exclusively activities proposed for the next festival.
It will also enable you to explore what activities members of your group could get involved in with members from other groups. It will help you find groups who’ve got the skills that you need for your activity.Most importantly, it will enable you to identify which local groups are working on the issues or types of activities that you would like to collaborate on for the festival. This is a working progress and future activities will be added as groups developed them.
How can you use this tool?See the presentation which describes how you can use this tool.

If you want to add a new activity that your group is organising soon or that you are planning for the festival, just fill in the form at Activities that you add to this form will then be added to the Local Activities Explorer.If you have any suggestions on how to improve this, do let me know! Any questions, contact